Gina Cooper, founded C2 Talent to be a catalyst for positive change in the world of work. With her experience working in corporate human resources, traveling the world, and living abroad she realized how much she loved seeing people passionate about what they were doing in life and within their career and she is always inspired by the go-getters, trendsetters, dreamers, doers, risk takers, movers, shakers, supporters, and leaders.

She also understands that the marketplace is at war for talent, but that most people are not engaged, aligned, or fulfilled in their careers. She wanted to be a part of the solution and has made it her mission to make the world of work better by helping people thrive in jobs they love which naturally makes companies grow.

A believer in integrated living, she is bringing together some of her own talents, passions, experiences, and professional pursuits, to created a niche, modern concept that specialized in the lifestyle and luxury markets with the mission to sync with the sectors which C2 specializes.

Observing the trend with lifestyle brands of incorporating a "curating" concept idea with their brands and services, she drew the parallel that talent recruitment, done right, essentially is the same. This lead to C2's approach of curating connections between the most inspiring, influential, and trendsetting lifestyle brands and companies with the talent that is behind them, bringing their visions to life.

Gina has evolved and progressed by working to curate professional experiences in the food, health, beauty & wellness, fashion, and design industries and by attending Conde Nast College of Fashion where she completed a fashion course through the lens of British Vogue. Most importantly she has curated an expansive client base, active talent pool, and C2 business partnerships & networks.


C2 Talent is a modern international talent recruitment agency that has curated a team of passionate and highly accomplished professionals who bring a holistic approach to talent recruitment within the lifestyle and luxury markets. We are synchronized and we have the eyes, ears, and intuition to keep abreast of what is hot and what is not in the world of work.

We are inspired by people, their talents, and the brands that are at the heart of our daily lives, and have all come together after years of working in the lifestyle and luxury sectors, within a variety of disciplines to provide professional level talent selection services. We have been on all sides of the table and provide a comprehensive view to our clients.

Our boutique philosophy affords us the opportunity to maintain high quality, client centric standards, and focus. We offer a progressive approach of traditional, quality service execution with our core values of personalized professionalism, innovation, collaboration, and intentional integrity as our guiding lights.

We have serviced clients around the globe and the international nature of our team allows us to communicate fluently in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, and Mandarin.